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Leadership Development

sustained. systemic. systematic.


Leadership Development

Are you aware that you have potential leaders all around you who need to be developed into actual leaders? Rising Sun Consultants can help your organization execute a healthy developmental program that is sustained, systemic and systematic.



Sustained development is a series of related learning opportunities that support individual growth and organizational success.

Systemic Development

Systemic development is creating a work culture that does not change depending on who is responsible for professional development. Leadership training remains consistent and is integrated in all aspects of the organization.

Systematic development

Systematic development is a methodical and intentional process that is aligned with the mission, vision, and guiding principles of the organization. 

Our leadership team was ready to take it to the next level of excellence and Rising Sun
Consultants was instrumental in that process. The retreat resulted in a clearer vision of our team values with clarity on how they would be executed. Our continued teamwork with Rising Sun will surely propel us towards excellence!
— Dr. Kris Hansen-Kieffer Vice Provost/Dean of Students, Messiah College, Grantham, PA