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Leadership Coaching

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership involves a continual process of learning, not simply a ‘one and done’ training event. Just as in any sport, building a successful team means on-going, effective coaching, so that each team member is honing their individual skills, while buying in to the team’s direction and goals. Rising Sun is here to help you coach your team members to learn and be challenged by their work.



You will be able to help and encourage employees to define goals and objectives, both for themselves and for the organization.


As a coach you will focus on the accomplishments of the present and future, not solely on examining past mistakes. This kind of healthy coaching environment will also encourage wise risk taking and consider those mistakes to be opportunities to learn and develop. Simply put, properly coached employees will create a work environment that other team members will want to be a part of for years to come.

A few months after receiving your coaching, our customer satisfaction ratings rose to 93% as ‘completely satisfied’. Since my interactions with Rising Sun Consultants, our company has seen tremendous success and results with our customers’ satisfaction.
— Ed Dickerson Sales Manager Sutliff Capital Ford, Harrisburg, PA