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Customer Service

Understanding Customer Service and why it’s so important

At Rising Sun Consultants, our approach to customer service stems from intentional communication and timeless customer service fundamentals. We believe that for any organization to be successful, it is essential that they focus on the growth and development of their people, especially in the ways they train them to address their customers. It is our goal to help businesses understand the importance of quality customer service and share the fundamental steps in transforming your business’s employees and the ways they address your customers. When it comes to customer service, we follow our “golden rule” of always being sure to under promise and over deliver. 

We highly recommend the book Raving Fans if you’re interested in a good read on the importance of customer service and how it affects your business, internally and externally. Raving Fans is a simple book that suggests many strategies that business leaders can learn and implement to dramatically improve customer service.


Let us help

If you’re ready to implement a better approach to customer service in your business, these actionable steps can help start that journey. 


Be aware of what your current customers are saying and, more importantly, not saying about your customer service. If customers are not giving you positive feedback, then they are dissatisfied or simply satisfied and will move along to the competition if they find something better.

  1. Decide What You Want: As the leader of your organization, take a significant amount of time to create a picture of what fantastic customer service would look like in your organization. Don’t hold back – dream big! Include leadership team members in a brainstorming session, as well. Get buy-in from those who will have to implement it.

  2. Discover What the Customer Wants: Create a system for finding out what your customers want from your company. They may have terrific ideas, extremely modest ideas, and they may even have ridiculous ideas. It’s your job to sift through all these ideas and determine whether they mesh with your own vision. Be open to changing your vision based on the customers’ feedback.

  3. Deliver the Vision: Take one customer service idea that you believe can be successfully implemented, and do it. Ensure your staff are trained and ensure they can do it perfectly and consistently. You will kill customer loyalty if you claim you have some terrific service, but then do it poorly, or not all the time.

  4. Plus One Percent: Continually plan the next step. Once one customer service strategy is being done well and consistently, begin implementing the next one. Taking small steps (that one percent) is how to build Raving Fans Customer Service!

Remember, you don't get a second chance at a first impression.

If you’re interested in taking the next steps in improving your customer service and training your employees, we are here to help. Rising Sun Consultants offers training and hands-on tools to help you and your employees to become effective communicators within your organization and beyond. For more information on going the extra mile in customer service and training through Rising Sun Consultants, contact us today.