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Culture Building

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Culture Building


Using a unique questioning style, Rising Sun Consultants helps our clients to balance their emphasis on both people and productivity and to develop various ways to bring their values to life.  We believe strongly that it is essential for any organization’s success for them to focus on the growth and development of their people.  It is our goal to serve organizations in creating, developing and maintaining a culture which inspires and motivates people to reach new horizons – both personally and professionally.

A Systems Approach to Consultation

At Rising Sun Consultants, we are committed to partnering with our clients and serving them in order to reach their highest potential. In doing so, we believe that it is important to always remember how and where it all started and to always try to connect current decisions with your original values and beliefs. Therefore, at Rising Sun Consultants, we view all consulting opportunities from a “holistic” or “systems” perspective. From this perspective, all problems and symptoms are believed to be a reflection of the system’s attempt to adapt to the total context of its current environment.

We learned very quickly that management skills would take time to master. Rising Sun Consultants were not only there to teach the skills, but provided feedback and advice well after the formal coaching sessions were conducted.
— Barry Calhoun, South Central EMS

From a practical standpoint, the Rising Sun Model of Consultation follows what might best be described as a deductive process in order to create a comprehensive framework for consultation. Working one-on-one with individual executives or managers, Rising Sun Consultants begins by helping our clients articulate a vision for where and how they want to see their teams/organizations grow and develop. In addition, we help our clients to clarify a set of values for working with their staff/organizations and to identify various individual and group strategies for engaging and developing others.

At Rising Sun Consultants, we believe strongly that in order to be successful, every individual involved with the process needs to have some level of understanding and input into all aspects of the system. Stakeholder involvement and buy-in is absolutely critical to maintaining a healthy and productive system.  It seems that the further from the top of the organization one gets, the less they know, understand, or believe. There is a tremendous disconnect within organizations today regarding what they stand for or where they are going. Employees need to have the opportunity to have input and involvement.


Working together with our clients we ask a series of questions throughout the consultation process. The purpose of such questions is to help clients articulate their thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs in such a way as to highlight that which is most important to them.


Based on answers to the individual questions, together with our clients, Rising Sun Consultants interprets the client’s position or status along several key dimensions. The purpose of this analysis is to help determine where, if at all, our clients need our help, support and/or intervention.


Working in close partnership with our clients, Rising Sun Consultants designs an implementation program based on our analysis of the client’s position or status. Our goal is not to create work for ourselves by suggesting the need for intervention, but rather, to assist clients in identifying those dimensions which they are strong in and those in which they might need some assistance.


Based on the client’s desired timeline, Rising Sun Consultants provides whatever level of support is necessary in order to help the client successfully implement the strategies and/or plan developed in the design phase. Once again, our goal is not to create work for ourselves, but rather, to assist our clients in building the capacity to carry out the interventions on their own. In fact, if successful, our ultimate goal is to work ourselves out of the picture.


Based on decisions/strategies determined during the early part of the design phase, Rising Sun Consultants works closely with our clients to implement an evaluation process to determine: 1) whether or not the implementation was carried out the way it was designed, and 2) to what degree the implementation was successful in doing what it was designed to do. The primary purpose of program evaluation is to provide information for future decision-making regarding program continuation, as well as new program development. As in all learning organizations, program evaluation and development is a critical key to success. In order to maintain a high level of success, there needs to be continuous evaluation of all programs/strategies that the organization implements.