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The 10 Keys of Effective Supervision Course

THE FIRST STEP TO A Healthy Organizational Culture

It is our goal to serve organizations like yours in creating, developing and maintaining a culture which inspires and motivates people to reach new horizons by increasing employee morale, motivation and engagement and reducing employee turnover.

But too many supervisors are frustrated with a broken culture. Some signs of a broken culture include:

  • Excessive absenteeism and chronic tardiness. 

  • Negativity, subversive behavior, and lack of buy in

  • High drama! 

In the 10 Keys Course, supervisory staff engage in a series of 11 interactive sessions (approximately 2 hours in length). Content is taught in a discussion format and in active learning and application of the content taught. Participants also participate in an assessment chosen specifically to assess both their style and behavior in their supervisory role.


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10 Keys Organizations:

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We are 100% committed to your success

We’ve been where you are, and experienced the challenges of supervision. So we want to do everything we can to help you lead a successful, healthy organization. We will do whatever we can to make sure this program works for you.



What Past Participants Say…

I worked with Jim Rowell and Rising Sun Consultants on several projects while I was at The AMES Companies. When I came to Philadelphia Mixing Solutions I was thrilled to bring Jim in to help our organization. Jim worked with our CEO and Senior Leadership Team to help us define our Mission and Vision Statements. He then worked with our Leadership Team, the next layer of management, to determine our six company values. With the support of our SLT, Jim met with every employee in departmental meetings (including a trip to our office in England) to solicit input to define these values. I have also worked with Jim and utilized him as a facilitator on Emotional Intelligence with our Leadership Development and Empowerment teams.
— Sara J. Kennedy

Transformation starts with a person, not a process.


The 10 Keys Difference

Organizational training and development needs to be operationalized in a professional development program which is sustained, systemic, and systematic:



A sustained professional development program is one which occurs over time. Professional development is not a single event, but a series of interrelated learning opportunities that supports individual growth and organizational success.



A systemic professional development program is one which plays a critical role within an organization’s culture. The focus of learning opportunities remains consistent and aligned with organizational goals and does not change based on who is responsible for professional development.  Professional development is integrated throughout all aspects of the organization and remains consistent over time.



A systematic professional development program is one which is developed and implemented in a methodical manner. It’s directly aligned to your organization’s the mission, vision, and guiding principles. Systematic professional development programs provide consistent themes across all work groups, while providing support for individual needs.



Of highly engaged employees say they are able to do their best every day


Of highly engaged employees say that they have opportunities to learn and grow


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