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Building Healthy Organizational Cultures


Helping Create Healthy Organizations

Rising Sun Consultants views all consulting opportunities from a holistic/systems approach.  Focusing on our commitment to servant leadership, Rising Sun Consultants places strong emphasis on appropriate stakeholder involvement from the very first step.  

We believe that it is essential for any organization’s success for them to focus on the growth and development of their people.  

It is our goal to serve organizations in creating, developing and maintaining a culture which inspires and motivates people to reach new horizons – both personally and professionally.




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Supervision &
Leadership Development

Rising Sun Consultants offers programs and services geared toward the development of supervisors at all levels, from front line managers to Presidents and CEOs. 

Individual &
Team Assessments

We work with individuals and teams to help discover their strengths in such areas as problem-solving, communication, conflict management and other work habits and styles. 


Rising Sun Consultants’ Culture Building Program helps our clients balance their emphasis on both people and productivity and develop various ways to bring their values to life.


Though many organizations face unplanned or unexpected change, it is the implementation of planned change that is most crucial for the success of any organization today.


How people deal with conflict shows you the kind of people they are.
— Stephen Moyer

Best executive coach

We are honored to win the 2019 best executive coach award from Central Penn Business Journal.

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